Review of: FenMax

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On June 21, 2016
Last modified:June 21, 2016


  • FenMax claims to be a fat burner and appetite suppressant

  • The formula contains Synephrine, an FDA frowned upon ingredient

  • Anyone considering the use of this product should first consult with a doctor

  • All of the FenMax ingredients have been studied for weight loss

  • This product is meant to work similarly to prescription diet pills
  • FenMax is a fat burner and appetite suppressant that was clearly designed to appeal to dieters who are seeking a legal non-prescription alternative to prescription diet drugs like Phentermine or Adipex. This fact is not only made obvious by the product’s name but also by its white tablets with blue speckles, which are very similar to Phentermine pills.

    That being said while it might be marketed as an alternative, the real question is how effective is it? According to the claims made about this product, it melts fat away, helping a dieter to rid their body of fat all over, including fat found in the arms, thighs, belly and buttocks.

    The propriety blend that makes up the FenMax formula contains the ingredients: 2-Phenylethylamine, Hordenine Hydrochloride, Yohimbe Hydrochloride, and Synephrine Hydrochloride. Although the blend is 222mg, the supplement facts listed on the product’s label does not break down the quantities of each individual ingredient in the formula.

    Every one of the ingredients present in the FenMax formula has been studied for their weight loss effects. Some clinical studies have found that hordenine hydrochloride may improve metabolism, enhance mood and boost energy. 2-Phenylehthylamine (PEA) may help to reduce hunger craving and improve mood. Synephrine stimulates the central nervous system and may help raise energy expenditure and metabolic rate. Yohimbe hydrochloride may increase energy and enhance the body’s fat burning capabilities.

    In spite of what some research suggests, the reality is that each of these ingredients requires further study to determine just how effective and safe they are for weight loss. In short – there’s no guarantee that you’ll shed body fat that will lead to weight loss by taking this product.

    FenMax contains multiple stimulants, which can cause adverse effects like sleeplessness, anxiety, rapid heartbeat and stomach upset among other issues. Yohimbe may also cause negative side effects when taken in significant doses. This is a concern, only because there is no indication of how much of this ingredient is in one serving of FenMax.

    Although the product is sold online on Amazon for $36.88, there was no official website for FenMax at the time that this review was written. Each bottle contains 60 tablets (a one month supply). Users are instructed to take 2 pills per day: one 20 minutes before breakfast and one 20 minutes before lunch. Both doses should be taken with an 8 ounce glass of water.

    Prior to taking FenMax, users should first talk to their doctor. While this weight loss supplement does not require a doctor’s prescription, seeking the opinion of a medical professional is still in the best interest of your health and wellbeing.