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Review of: PhenFire 375

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On August 5, 2015
Last modified:August 5, 2015


  • Thermogenic weight loss supplement for fat burning

  • Available for dieters without a prescription

  • Claims to be taking the lead when it comes to "Phen" replacements

  • Formula contains thermogenic,diuretic, and stimulant ingredients
  • PhenFire 375 is a powerful thermogenic weight loss management supplement that can be purchased without a prescription. According to its official product page, it is “fast becoming the Number 1 Replacement for ‘Phen’ products.”

    PhenFire 375 has been “specially formulated” with three types of ingredients – stimulants, thermogenic, and diuretic – to reduce body fat. More specifically, each pill contains: 1,3,7, Trimethylxanthine, N-Methyltyramine, Taraxicum, Bioperine, Capsicum, and Vitamin B Complex (vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12).

    Each of these ingredients was selected because they are believed to provide certain benefits to individuals seeking weight loss. For instance, 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine (caffeine anhydrous) is a stimulant that research has found can boost energy and improve mental alertness. Some research has even found it to have reduced hunger in some people. N-Methyltyramine is believed to encourage the release of norepinephrine, which helps to support energy levels and enhances metabolic rate. Bioperine and capsicum help to encourage thermogensis, which is a process that uses fat cells to boost body heat. B vitamins are said to assists with fat burning. Taxicum is a diuretic, which helps to expel excess water from the body.

    Aside from caffeine being proven to improve alertness and energy, there is no solid clinical evidence that any of these ingredients will assist in weight loss. Unfortunately, this means that there is no guarantee that PhenFire 375 is an effective product for weight loss.

    Due to the fact that PhenFire 375 contains caffeine, as well as thermogenics and a diurectic, there is the potential for some negative side effects. For starters, caffeine increases the risk of insomnia, jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, mood swings, headache, etc., especially in individuals who are sensitive to this stimulant or who ingest other caffeinated products (ex. cola, coffee, tea), while taking PhenFire 375.

    Another major issue is this pill’s diuretic factor. When taking diuretics, the major risk is dehydration and heat stroke, which can occur from not ingesting enough water to compensate for the amount you are losing. Furthermore, the risk of dehydration is higher with this product because not only does it contain an actual diuretic, which will naturally encourage the body to rid itself of excess water via urination, but caffeine can also be a diuretic, when too much is ingested. This, coupled with its thermogenic properties, means that likely the biggest risks when taking PhenFire 375 is dehydration and overheating. Take care to stay well hydrated if you take this product.

    PhenFire 375 is meant to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Talk to your doctor before taking this weight loss supplement.

    When this review was written, one bottle of PhenFire 375 cost £44.99 ($68.00) and came with a money-back guarantee.