Phentagen Phenermine

Phentagen Phenermine review

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On April 26, 2016
Last modified:April 26, 2016


  • Claims to boost energy and metabolic rate

  • Marketed as an appetite suppressant similar to Phentermine

  • Combination of stimulant ingredients in the formula may be dangerous

  • Seek a doctor's advice before using this diet pill for any reason
  • Phentagen, also referred to as Phentagen Phenermine, is an over-the-counter (OTC) diet pill manufactured by Clementine Health. The claim is that it is a potent dietary supplement that contains “3 designer extracts” and other nutrients. It supposedly works by suppressing the appetite, increasing the conversion of food to energy rather than fat, and enhancinng mood as well as feelings of wellbeing.

    Another claim is that Phentagen directly affects hormones by boosting the activity of the C-A-R-T hormone, which supposedly boosts metabolism and regulates hunger. It is also said to decrease the activity of the stress hormone NP-Y, which has been linked to obesity.

    Although the product has been created as an OTC alternative to prescription diet drugs like Phentermine, it is unlikely to provide users with the same appetite suppressant results as the prescription medication it is attempting to emulate.

    That being said, its formula contains Infinity DiCaffeine Malate, Chocamine, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Bioperine. Here’s how some research suggests that these ingredients may be beneficial to those seeking to lose weight:

    Infinity DiCaffeine Malate is a proprietary blend containing caffeine and malic acid and is said to promote mental focus and stimulate thermogenesis. Green Tea is thought to enhance metabolism. Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) contains synephrine, a stimulant that is believed to be a thermogenic and improves the effects of caffeine. Bioperine can boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Chocamine is also a proprietary blend composed of theobromine and it is said to be less potent than caffeine but also increases energy.

    Although there is sufficient evidence to prove that caffeine can boost alertness and improve exercise performance, increasing fat burning potential, there is not enough scientific fact to prove that caffeine or any of the other ingredients in the Phentagen formula will effectively lead to fat loss that results in weight reduction.

    Users are instructed to take two tablets per day with a glass of water and not to exceed this dosage. However, they are not directed as to when it would be best to take these pills, how to take them, or if they should be taken together or separately. Since Phentagen does contain caffeine and other stimulants, it would be prudent to avoid taking these pills late in the afternoon to prevent sleep disturbances or insomnia.

    In addition to the risk of caffeine-related side effects including sleeplessness, jitters, rapid heartbeat, headache, etc., this supplement also contains synephrine, a stimulant that boosts both the good and bad effects of caffeine. Combining these two ingredients could lead to serious cardiovascular side effects, even in healthy individuals, such as increased blood pressure, fainting, stroke and heart attack.

    When this review was written, there was no official product page for Phentagen Phenermine. Though it could be found for sale online at eBay for £29.95 ($42.00), even Amazon no longer carried it. This is likely an indication that the product has been discontinued.

    Due to the fact that Phentagen is not easy to obtain, the fact that there is a lack of evidence that this supplement effectively works as a weight loss aid, and due to the potential risks associated with it, you are likely to find better OTC weight loss phentermine alternatives on the market. Talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals and your options. It is unwise to take any diet pill without first consulting with your healthcare provider.