Review of: PhenterMaxx

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On May 16, 2017
Last modified:May 16, 2017


  • PhenterMaxx is marketed as an alternative to prescription diet pills

  • This product contains ingredients the FDA has warned against

  • The strong stimulant content of PhenterMaxx may be dangerous for some users

  • Speak with your healthcare provider before considering the use of PhenterMaxx
  • PhenterMaxx is another OTC (over-the-counter ) weight loss supplement created as an alternative to prescription diet medications like Phentermine and Adipex-P. It is manufactured by Ultimate Weight Loss Labs and supposedly works to suppress appetite, super-charge your energy, burn fat without depleting muscle, and provides you with more control over your mood.

    The main active ingredient in PhenterMaxx is phenylethylamine HCl. Phenylethylamine (also known as PEA), is a common weight loss ingredient and is often found in many OTC dietary supplements designed as Phentermine alternatives. It is a stimulant that is believed to help increase alertness, improve mood and concentration. It is also commonly believed that it helps to suppress appetite, however, there isn’t enough clinical evidence to back up this claim.

    Furthermore, PEA is frequently used in combination with caffeine as it can enhance the effects of caffeine, which may lead to the burning of more fat when combined with physical activity. PhenterMaxx contains 150mg of caffeine anhydrous per serving (1 tablet). In addition to caffeine and PEA this product’s pharmaceutical grade formula also contains N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, Yohimbine HCL, Theobromine Anhydrous and Synephrine.
    Based on this ingredients list, it’s clear that the formula contains multiple stimulants, including synephrine, a naturally occurring stimulant in bitter orange (citrus aurantium), which not only enhances the effects of caffeine, but can also lead to more serious adverse effects, such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

    That being said, while such dangerous effects may not be a serious threat for most individuals who follow the directions of this product, it should be noted that there is a risk of experiencing other unpleasant side effects associated with these stimulants, such as jitters, anxiety, insomnia, mood changes, upset stomach, headache, rapid heartbeat, and so on. To help reduce the risks of these effects, it would be wise to avoid taking any other stimulants (ex. drinking coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, etc.) while using PhenterMaxx.

    The recommended directions are to take 1 tablet after breakfast and 1 following lunch. You should not exceed 4 tablets within a 24 hour period. For optimal weight loss results, this product should be combined with a healthy and calorie-conscious diet and regular exercise. Taking PhenterMaxx without making additional conventional weight loss methods is unlikely to lead to any measurable fat loss success.

    Presently (when this review was written) PhenterMaxx could be purchased on Amazon for $59.99. Be that as it may, speak to your healthcare provider prior to taking this product.