Phentermine Substitutes

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of the most popular prescription diet drug, but have found that it is not right for you, then there may still be options available to you in the form of Phentermine substitutes. When you are looking for an alternative to this drug, then you will have a choice of two main categories, other prescription drugs, and over the counter pills.

When it comes to Phentermine substitutes among other prescription drugs, the two top choices are Xenical and Bontril.

Xenical is an entirely different kind of prescription diet drug, as it is a fat blocker. It is very popular among dieters who don’t seem to do well with stimulants or appetite suppressants. It can also work for individuals who have medical conditions or medications that conflict with that type of drug. Xenical works by stopping the body’s ability to absorb some of the fat that is consumed. Therefore, instead of converting the fat from food into energy for use or storing it on the body as fat, it simply passes through with the rest of the body’s waste. It is very important to eat a reduced fat diet to avoid uncomfortable side effects, and to take nutritional supplements in order to prevent vitamin deficiencies while using this drug.

Bontril is sometimes chosen as one of the Phentermine substitutes because it is another type of appetite suppressant drug. In this case, though, it is based on the generic drug called Phendimetrazine. Its effects and side effects are quite similar, but some people find that they are more successful with this prescription than with Phentermine.

For those who don’t want a prescription drug at all because they are not seeking an obesity treatment, two leading over the counter weight management support options are FenFast and PhenBlue. Each of these provides an energy boost and improved focus, making it easier for a dieter to remain active while eating right.

FenFast is a fast acting option that provides the benefits in a small tablet that is easy to swallow. On the other hand, PhenBlue is a capsule, and capsules tend to provide a more gradual release in the body than tablets, which may help the energizing effects last longer.


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