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Review of: Phenternin

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On October 15, 2015
Last modified:October 15, 2015


  • Dietary supplement with Hoodia

  • Claims to be the top-rated hoodia supplement

  • Promises to help suppress the appetite to make losing weight easier

  • Phenternin supposedly releases a chemical like glucose to trick the body into feeling full
  • Phenternin, also known as Phenternin Hoodia, is a dietary supplement that is meant to help a person lose weight by suppressing their appetite. Its only active ingredient is Hoodia. While this may not sound very revolutionary, Phenternin claims that it is the top-rated hoodia supplement because it contains real hoodia gordonii.

    The sole active ingredient in Phenternin is Hoodia Gordonii, which is considered to be pure hoodia. The makers of Phenternin claim that the pure hoodia they use in their formula comes from the specific region in South Africa where the plant that contains the appetite suppressing qualities only grows. Pure hoodia gordonii contains P57, which researchers believe is what causes appetite suppression.

    P57 is a molecule that is believed to affect the hypothalamus in the brain. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for appetite control. The hoodia in Phenternin supposedly releases a chemical that is like glucose, which tricks the hypothalamus into thinking that enough food has been ingested, so the brain thinks that hunger has been satisfied.

    To prove the authenticity of its product, Phenternin provides consumers online access to its various certificates of authenticity and permits, such as USDA protected plant permit, South African Government Certificate of Authenticity, CITES certificate, and Phytosanitary permit, on its official website.

    While it does appear that Phenternin does contain a pure form of hoodia, and may indeed be a better choice than some of the other hoodia supplements for weight loss on the market, the one major problem is that there is no solid proof that pure hoodia causes appetite suppression. There isn’t enough conclusive scientific evidence to prove that it does or does not work. This means there is no guarantee that Phenternin will suppress appetite.

    In addition, while no major side effects have been linked to hoodia, it may not be safe for everyone to take. This product is for adults only and pregnant women should avoid taking this product. Furthermore, women who are breast feeding, and anyone with an existing medical condition or who may be taking any other medications or supplements, should first speak with their healthcare provider before taking Phenternin.

    At the time this review was written, one bottle of Phenternin containing 90 pills cost $44.99. It is recommended for users to take 1 pill 30 to 60 minutes before each major meal, 3 times daily, with an 8 ounce glass of water. A maximum of 6 pills can be taken per day. For the most effective weight loss results, this product is meant to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan. Talk to your doctor if you think Phenternin is right for you.