Quadralean Thermo

Quadralean Thermo Review

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On March 20, 2020
Last modified:March 20, 2020


  • Quadralean Thermo promises thermogenesis

  • Claims boost the body's fat burning

  • Boasts of scientifically proven ingredients

  • Contains four different blends of ingredients
  • Quadralean Thermo is a thermogenic diet pill that has been developed to support weight management, provide natural energy, appetite support and intense focus. Marketed as an all-in-one thermogenic weight management and metabolism booster, the official product page currently sells this nonprescription diet pill for $31.97, at least it did at the time that this Quadralean Thermo review was written.

    A Formula Composed of Four Blends

    All the Quadralean Thermo ingredients are split up into these four different blends:

    • Weight Management Blend
    • Energy Blend
    • Neuro Blend
    • Thermogenesis Blend

    That said, the actual ingredients that can be found within the formula include:

    • Innobio
    • L-Carnitine Tartrate
    • Natural Caffeine
    • Choline Bitartrate
    • Alpha GPC
    • Grains of Paradise
    • Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract

    Scientifically Proven Ingredients Claim

    Although the manufacturer makes a variety of claims about the different ingredients in Quadralean Thermo, the two that it claims are scientifically proven to “kick start your metabolism for optimal weight management” when combined, are Grains of Paradise and Cayenne Pepper.

    The belief is that grains of paradise can help to decrease inflammation, destroy certain bacteria and help to burn body fat. Some studies suggest that ingesting this herb daily may help to reduce body fat by preventing the accumulation of visceral fat.

    Cayenne pepper is thought to be beneficial with helping to curb appetite, speed up metabolism and help in the burning of calories. Studies have found that it does have a variety of metabolic health benefits, especially in regard to weight loss in obese individuals.

    All that said, it is important to bear in mind that even though there have been studies conducted on these ingredients and some of this clinical research has found promising results, this does not mean that either of these ingredients have been scientifically proven to aid in or cause weight loss. Furthermore, even if this were the case, no studies have been conducted on Quadralean Thermo to prove that it offers similar benefits.

    Weight Loss Requires More Than Diet Pills

    Remember that after you have carefully considered if Quadralean Thermo is right for you, it is important to keep in mind that taking this product alone will not lead to weight loss. You need to decide if it is the right fit for your conventional weight management strategies.

    If you’re not certain that it or any other dietary supplement is ideal for your dieting and exercise goals, it would be best to consult with your doctor to discuss your health and your options.