Phen Vites

Phen Vites is a weight loss support product that was designed to be used in conjunction with the OTC diet supplement Phen Caps or prescription weight loss medications like Phentermine.

Vital Nutrients You Need

It is a multi-vitamin that claims to provide dieters with the vital nutrients that are needed for weight loss. Supposedly, this dietary supplement assists users in:

  • Enhancing their mood
  • Helps them to stay positive throughout their efforts to lose weight
  • Helps balance their energy

When this review was written, a one month supply (90 capsules), which also came with a complementary diet plan, cost $34.95 plus shipping, and came with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. The suggested use is to take three of the mint-flavored tablets early in the morning with a meal.

Phen Vites Provides a Boost

The official site for the Phen Vites product states that this dietary supplement is ideal for anyone taking weight loss drugs and feels they require an added boost. It is also for anyone who feels down while following their weight loss plan, or who requires assistance restoring balance, or who finds dieting difficult on energy levels.

Essentially, this product is recommended to individuals who want to improve the effects of their prescription or non-prescription weight loss pills, and for those who are trying to lose weight through only conventional diet and exercise methods.

Talk to Your Doctor First

You should not take Phen Vites without first consulting with your doctor. One of the major reasons is that this dietary supplement has been designed to be used in combination with other diet pills, prescription or nonprescription. There is no guarantee that this is safe or that the ingredients in Phen Vites won’t negatively interact with the ingredients in the other products you’re taking.

Moreover, speaking with your healthcare provider is especially important if you are taking weight loss drugs or any other supplement for weight loss. The reason is that different products may interact negatively with one another, potentially reducing the efficacy of the product you’re taking and also increasing the risk of adverse effects.

Therefore, talk to your doctor before taking Phen Vites, regardless of whether or not you’re taking medications.

What’s in the Formula

As for the Phen Vites ingredients, each of the tablets contain:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
  • Conjugated Linolenic Acid
  • L-Tyrosine
  • 5-HTP
  • Phosphatidylserine

The official product site provides information on each of the ingredients, explaining how they can be beneficial for weight loss. For instance, chromium is believed to help boost muscles and lower fat, while keeping blood sugars normal and some clinical studies have investigated these effects.

Meanwhile the site notes that magnesium helps to regulate glucose and biotin enhances the body’s energy production and improves metabolism.

That being said, in spite of all the ingredient information, unfortunately, there isn’t enough scientific proof to support the claim that any of these ingredients are effective for aiding in real, long-term weight loss. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that Phen Vites works as the manufacturer claims. As such, it may be best to think twice before purchasing this weight management aid.

Update December 2019 – Phen Vites has been discontinued. The manufacturer of the product has stated on the official product page that it is no longer available for purchase. Instead, the company recommend that if you want to take your weight loss to the next level to use Weight Loss Warrior Pack. The Weight Loss Warrior Pack includes two diet pill products: Phen Caps and 5 Star Fat Burner. While the claim is that the warrior pack can suppress cravings, boost energy, increase metabolism and burn fat, just like PhenVites, there is no scientific proof to back up these claims.


Phenastin is a non-prescription diet pill that you might come across if you are in search of a Phentermine alternative. While it is not truly an OTC alternative to phentermine, it does claim to be a “pharmaceutical grade weight loss stimulant.”

The product comes from Phenastin Clinical Weight Loss Solutions and supposedly provides benefits, such as reduced appetite and cravings, increased thermogenesis as well as improved energy levels and mood via its rapid acting and releasing caplets. When this Phenastin review was written, the product could be purchased on Amazon for $36.99.

Furthermore, at the writing of this review, each Phenastin white and blue speckled caplet contained 425 mg of the PHENASTIN 425 blend: Caffeine Anhydrous, Theobromine Anhydrous, Phenethylamine Hcl, 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), Mentha Piperita, Alpha Yohimbine.

Each of these ingredients can be found in many dietary supplements developed to support weight loss. Caffeine can boost mental alertness and is believed to also enhance energy and reduce appetite. Theobromine may increase metabolism and boost energy levels. 5-HTP is thought to help reduce appetite and is also believed to inhibit the intake of calories from carbohydrates. Alpha yohimbine is thought to help in the suppression of appetite.

All that said, only caffeine’s ability to boost mental alertness has ever been proven by clinical research. The rest of the claims made about these ingredients regarding their ability to help with weight loss are not scientifically proven fact. This means that taking this product will not necessarily lead to weight loss.

As for side effects, due to Phenastin containing stimulants, there is a risk of certain unpleasant effects, such as difficulty sleeping, sleeplessness, restlessness, jitters, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, headache, upset stomach, etc.

The suggested use is to take 1 caplet in the morning and 1 again with lunch. Users are cautioned not to take Phenastin late in the evening to avoid sleep disturbances as this product does contain caffeine. Additionally, users are instructed never to take more than 1 caplet at a time and not to exceed more than 2 caplets in a 24-hour period.

It should also be noted that this product has been developed to be used in combination with a healthy calorie-reduced diet and regular exercise, for optimal results.

While you may be interested in obtaining a stimulant diet pill, play it safe and make certain that Phenastin is the right choice for you. Consult with your healthcare provider before taking this product and/or making it a part of your weight management regimen.


PHENBLUE is a non-prescription diet pill that was developed for those who aren’t eligible for prescription weight loss drugs and who have a BMI between 25 and 29.9. In fact, the scientists at Intechra Health Inc. designed this capsule specifically to support a dieters’ efforts for getting in shape when the prescription medication is not for them.

The developers of PHENBLUE decided that they wanted to leave all of the rest of the pills in the non-prescription market behind. PHENBLUE was developed to provide dieters with support for the efforts needed to lose weight, but without the risk of serious side effects.

PHENBLUE® capsules have been specifically formulated to improve energy and focus. This is accomplished through the active ingredients in the PHENBLUE formula:

• NeOpuntia® (Opuntia Ficus-Indica)
• Caffeine (1,3,7 trimethylxanthine)
• Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder
• Theobromine

All these ingredients have been shown in scientific studies to improve one’s journey toward losing weight through healthy lifestyle changes.

PHENBLUE provides an energy boost that dieters find helpful for overcoming fatigue and being able to keep up with a regular exercise routine. It does this by way of the caffeine and theobromine that are combined within the formula. Each has been shown to accomplish this goal in clinical studies.

Beyond giving you a boost of energy, PHENBLUE can also help improve your focus so that you can find it easier to stick to your diet, no matter what plan you may be following.

By taking the small and easy-to-swallow PHENBLUE® capsules every day, twice per day, you’ll be able to easily work this added diet component into any schedule. This way, you can begin maximizing your weight loss program right from the very start.

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Genius Diet Pills

Genius Diet Pills is a dietary supplement form The Genius Brand that claims to be proven to manage appetite and reduce compulsive snacking. This claim has been made due to the fact that this product contains Satiereal, a patented natural ingredient from INOREAL, which is made from saffron. Saffron is believed to help facilitate appetite suppression, serving as an alternative for those seeking Adipex online.

According to a weight management randomized double-blind versus placebo clinical study, involving Satiereal and 60 women participants, Satiereal demonstrated a significant and progressive decrease of body weight in those who took it compared to the placebo group. Reportedly 84% of the group who took Satiereal said their appetite decreased between meals, while 78% of the same group reported a decrease in sugar cravings.

As interesting as this study’s results are, it’s only the second of a few studies conducted on the patented product. Therefore, while preliminary evidence looks promising, further research needs to be conducted before Satiereal can be considered proven for managing appetite and reducing compulsive snacking in a way that would lead to measureable weight loss.

The other active ingredient in the Genius Diet Pill formula is 5-HTP. Studies conducted on this substance have found that it works on the brain and central nervous system and increase the production of serotonin, which can, among other things, affect appetite. Early research has found that 5-HTP may help lower appetite, but just like saffron, more scientific study is needed to truly understand the effects this substance may have on helping a person manage weight.

While there is no guarantee that taking Genius Diet Pills will help to suppresses appetite, even if it does, remember that a reduction in appetite won’t lead to weight loss on its own. You still need to combine this dietary supplement with a healthy calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise if you truly want to shed fat that will lead to results that you can see.

On a positive note, this Phentermine alternative contains no caffeine, which means that you do not need to worry about the risk associated with taking products that contain stimulant ingredients, such as insomnia, jitters, anxiety, etc. Still, even though this is the case, it is always smart to consult with your healthcare provider before making any dietary supplement a part of your regular diet and lifestyle.

At the time that this reviews was written, a bottle of Genius Diet Pills could be purchased for $29.95 on Amazon.


Traxafen is a non-prescription fat burner and appetite suppressant manufactured by AXA Neuroscience. It supposedly works to assist those seeking to lose weight, control their food cravings, boost their mental focus, increase energy, enhance fat burning and thyroid output, and amplify metabolism to produce raid weight loss results.

When this review was written, a one-month supply of Traxafen, containing 60 capsules, could be purchased on Amazon for $35.00. While this is certainly a decent price for an OTC weight loss supplement, the question remains: is it worth it?

The only way to judge the efficacy and safety of a product, and determine how well it can live up to its claims, is to analyze its ingredients. The Traxafen formula is composed of the following: Trimethylpurine, Synephrine HCL, Hordenine HCL, Schizandrol, 5-HTP, Yohimbine HCL.

More specifically, the following is a brief explanation of how each of these ingredients is said to benefit those seeking to shed excess pounds.

Trimethyplurine affects the central nervous system and may help to boost metabolism, as well as increase energy levels and physical performance during exercise. Synephrine is a stimulant that naturally occurs in citrus aurantium (bitter orange). It also affects the central nervous system and makes the heart beat faster by increasing blood pressure. Hordenine, also found in citrus aurantium, is thought to have significant fat burning effects and is believed to be capable of enhancing metabolism. Schizandrol is said to increase dopamine in the brain, which, in turn, enhances mental alertness, clarity and focus, while also boosting energy levels. 5-HTP is thought to raise the production of serotonin and help suppress appetite. Yohimbine is believed to boost blood flow and improve workout performance by stimulating the body’s energy levels.

Unfortunately, while it is possible that caffeine can increase mental alertness and boost physical performance by improving energy, none of these ingredients (including caffeine) have ever been clinically proven to effectively aid in weight loss or cause fat loss. In essence, there is no solid scientific proof that taking Traxafen will help you lose weight.

Users are recommended to take 1 capsule, two times per day, 30 minutes before meals. It is important to follow the dosage recommendations, not only to ensure that you are properly using the product to achieve its maximum benefit, but also to lower the risk of certain unpleasant side effects.

Traxafen contains stimulants and ingredients containing stimulants. Trimthylpurine contains caffeine. Although not as potent as caffeine anhydrous, it can still cause certain adverse effects in some people, such as rapid heartbeat, jitters, sleeplessness, etc. In addition, both yohimbine and synpherine are ingredients that boost the effects of caffeine, which means that both its positive and negative side effects are enhanced.

Err on the side of caution and first speak with your medical practitioner before taking Traxafen.