Phenelean is marketed as a thermogenic formula that promotes appetite suppression and delivers maximum energy. It comes from Orb Pharmaceuticals. The claim is that its formula is made with strong pharmaceutical grade ingredients and that it has “great thermobolic stimulation and fat burning.”

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PhenFire 375

PhenFire 375 is a powerful thermogenic weight loss management supplement that can be purchased without a prescription. According to its official product page, it is “fast becoming the Number 1 Replacement for ‘Phen’ products.”

A Formula with Stimulant, Thermogenic and Diuretic Ingredients

PhenFire 375 has been “specially formulated” with three types of ingredients – stimulants, thermogenics, and diuretics – to reduce body fat. More specifically, each pill contains:

  • 1,3,7, Trimethylxanthine
  • N-Methyltyramine
  • Taraxicum
  • Bioperine
  • Capsicum
  • Vitamin B Complex (vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12)

Each of these ingredients was selected because they are believed to provide certain benefits to individuals seeking weight loss.

For instance, 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine, which is just a fancy way of saying caffeine anhydrous – or simply caffeine – is a stimulant that research has found can boost energy and improve mental alertness. Some research has even found it to have reduced hunger in some people.

N-Methyltyramine is believed to encourage the release of norepinephrine, which helps to support energy levels and enhances metabolic rate. Bioperine and capsicum help to encourage thermogensis, which is a process that uses fat cells to boost body heat. B vitamins are said to assists with fat burning. Taxicum is a diuretic, which helps to expel excess water from the body.

Aside from caffeine being proven to improve alertness and energy, there is no solid clinical evidence that any of these ingredients will assist in weight loss. Unfortunately, this means that there is no guarantee that PhenFire 375 is an effective product for weight loss.

Negative Effects of Which You should Be Aware

Due to the fact that PhenFire 375 contains caffeine, as well as thermogenics and a diurectic, there is the potential for some negative side effects. For starters, caffeine increases the risk of:

  • Insomnia
  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Heart palpitations
  • Mood swings
  • Headache

These adverse effects are a particularly a risk for individuals who are sensitive to this stimulant or who ingest other caffeinated products (ex. cola, coffee, tea, energy drinks), while taking PhenFire 375.

Another major issue is this pill’s diuretic factor. When taking diuretics, the major risk is dehydration and heat stroke, which can occur from not ingesting enough water to compensate for the amount you are losing. Furthermore, the risk of dehydration is higher with this product because not only does it contain an actual diuretic, which will naturally encourage the body to rid itself of excess water via urination, but caffeine can also be a diuretic, when too much is ingested. This, coupled with its thermogenic properties, means that likely the biggest risks when taking PhenFire 375 is dehydration and overheating. Take care to stay well hydrated if you take this product.

Other Things to Consider

Furthermore, it is important to point out that when taking diuretics you are likely to lose a build up of excess water which can lead to a quicker slimmer appearance and a few pounds reduction on the scale. Do keep in mind that losing water is not the same as losing fat. Water weight fluctuates and you will continue to lose and gain it.

PhenFire 375 is meant to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Talk to your doctor before taking this weight loss supplement.

When this review was written, one bottle of PhenFire 375 cost £44.99 ($68.00) and came with a money-back guarantee.

PhenFire 375 Update June 2020

PhenFire 375 is off the market. At least, it was not available for sale online in the US as of June 2020. Clearly this product that was once “fast becoming the Number 1 Replacement for ‘Phen’ products” didn’t have what it took to stick around for the long term.

To be honest, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering there is absolutely nothing within this formula that stands out as being unique or revolutionary. At the end of the day, it was just another diet pill in a long list of other unproven OTC weight management aids that tried to prove itself as a nonprescription Phentermine alternative and failed.

Ultimately, if you are interested in choosing a diet pill that is a nonprescription Phentermine alternative, what you need to understand is that this product does not exist. The best course of action is to look for a product that contains a limited number of scientifically researched ingredients, does not make false claims, and is manufactured by a reputable company that stands by its products and will offer you a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Kor Naturals Stim-Free Fat Burner

Kor Naturals Stim-Free Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that supposedly works to naturally burn fat and increase energy with no jitters and crashing. It claims to help users burn fat, boost energy levels, suppress appetite, preserve muscles and amp up metabolism. More importantly, it promises to do all of this without stimulants.

Boosting energy and enhancing metabolism is a tall order for a product without stimulant ingredients, such as caffeine. With that in mind, these were the ingredients included in this diet pill formula when this Kor Naturals Stim-Free Fat Burner was written: Chromium, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Coleus Forskohli, BioPerine.

Taking a closer look at these ingredients, here’s what they are believed to do:

Chromium, an essential trace mineral is thought to positively impact fat metabolism and help to increase lean body mass. Some research has found that it may help maintain blood sugar levels, lower carb cravings and help to treat insulin resistance in the body.

L-Carnitine can help to decrease fatigue and provide more energy by lowering levels of glycogen and lactate during exercise. It is also believed to help burn fat for fuel so that it can be used by the body as an energy source.

Green tea is thought to help elevate metabolic rate, boost fat oxidation and improve insulin. It is also thought to include antioxidants that trigger norepinephrine to decompose fat cells. The belief is that with both its flavonoids and caffeine, green tea can help burn fat and calories while at the same time improving exercise performance.

Olive leaf may help to lower blood pressure, boost thyroid function, and lower blood pressure. It may also help to improve fat burning by increasing noradrenaline and adrenaline levels.

Coleus forskohli is thought to help in lowering body fat percentage and fat mass, decreasing the appearance of cellulite and preventing weight gain. It may also help to decrease blood pressure and boost lean body mass.

BioPerine is an extract from black pepper and is believed to help increase the bioavailability of nutrients in the blood. It may also assist the body in absorbing other ingredients, which is why it is often included in over-the-counter (OTC) weight management formulas.

Now, you might be wondering, if this product has green tea, doesn’t this mean it contains the stimulant caffeine? It does, but as it is a part of the green tea ingredient in this formula, it is likely not enough caffeine to produce a stimulant effect, which is why the manufacturer has made the stimulant-free claim.

All that being said, there is zero scientific proof that any of the ingredients in Kor Naturals Stim-Free Fat Burner are effective for causing weight loss or are effective for aiding in weight loss or weight management. Moreover, simply because a product doesn’t contain stimulants does not mean that it is safe to take or without side effects.

As is the case for all nonprescription diet pills, it’s a good idea to consult with a doctor before taking this product.

When this Kor Naturals Stim-Free Fat Burner review was created, a single bottle sold for $39.95 on the official Kor Naturals website.

Thermo Pro

Thermo Pro is a thermogenic pre-workout fat burner that has been developed to provide both healthy adult men and women with the little extra boost that they need to get the most out of their workouts.

This dietary supplement comes from Promethean Wellness, which says that it is the “best Thermogenic Fat Burner on the market!” According to the company, Thermo Pro contains a blend of the most effective ingredients for weight loss that is available in a nonprescription formula. It claims that it will help you lose weight, burn fat, provide you with the needed boost for your workouts and supercharge your metabolism.

When this Thermo Pro review was written, the ingredients in the formula included: Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Olive Leaf Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous Powder, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, CLA Oil Powder, L-Theanine, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Bioperine.

Many of these ingredients are touted for having metabolism-boosting, energy-boosting, thermogenic-enhancing and fat-burning effects. For instance, green tea, green coffee bean and caffeine are all believed to help with burning fat, energy boosting and increasing metabolism, especially when combined with cardio workouts.

Garcinia cambogia is thought to help with appetite suppression and block the body’s ability to store fat. Raspberry ketone is thought to be a powerful antioxidant that may also help to cause the fat within cells to be broken down more effectively, which can help improve fat burning.

That being said, while these and many of the other ingredients within the Thermo Pro formula have been studied and are linked to weight loss claims, the reality is that all claims made in regard to these ingredients and their weight loss benefits are unsubstantiated. There is no clinical proof that taking any of these ingredients will lead to measurable fat loss. As such, you should not expect Thermo Pro to magically melt off excess weight, or even help you to achieve your weight loss goals, as there is no evidence that it can live up to its claims.

Be that as it may, the suggested use is to take 1 to 3 capsules daily, either before meals or 30 minutes prior to a workout. It is recommended that you first assess your tolerance by taking 1 capsule per day. If after assessing your tolerance you would like to increase your dose, you can take a maximum of 3 capsules per day. It is recommended that you do not exceed this max dose.

It should also be noted that Thermo Pro contains 240 mg of caffeine per serving (3 capsules). Since this is the case, it is a good idea to avoid taking this diet pill late in the afternoon or too close to bedtime to avoid the chance of sleep disturbances. Moreover, it would be a good idea to avoid ingesting other beverages or foods containing caffeine or other stimulants while taking this dietary supplement. This will help to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects, such as jitters, anxiety, upset stomach, headache, heart palpitation, etc.

When this review was created, a bottle of Thermo Pro could be purchased on the official Promethean Wellness site for $15.00. Before taking Thermo Pro, it is a good idea to first speak with your healthcare provider.


Want to blast away fat, boost energy, stimulate your metabolism and suppress your appetite? According to the manufacturers of FenBurn, this thermogenic super-strength fat burner does it all. The secret to its effectiveness is apparently in its ingredients, which are 100% natural and include a mixture of anti-oxidants, essential minerals and vitamins and stimulants. Supposedly, taking FenBurn will help you to reach your weight loss goals by enhancing your focus, intensifying your workouts, suppressing hunger, continually breaking down stored fat and preserving muscle mass.

As impressive as that sounds, you can really only judge a diet pill – even one designed as an alternative to popular prescription diet drugs like Phentermine – by its active ingredients. In the case of FenBurn these include: Bitter Orange Peel, Caffeine, Green Tea Extracts, Oolong Tea Extracts, Bioperine, Capsaicin, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B12.

Unfortunately, with one look at these ingredients, not only is it clear that FenBurn doesn’t have a unique or impressive formula, but it also contains multiple stimulants, two of which have the potential to produce dangerous health effects when combined.

The major concern with diet pills that have multiple stimulants is that the risk of experiencing certain unpleasant side effects such as sleeplessness, jitters, restlessness, headache, digestive upset, anxiety, rapid heartbeat etc. is higher. Furthermore, in the case of FenBurn, combining caffeine with synephrine (the natural occurring stimulant in bitter orange peel) can spell disaster. The reason is that synephrine enhances the effects of caffeine – both its good and bad effects – which the FDA warns can lead to dangerous cardiovascular effects like high blood pressure, fainting, stroke and heart attack, even in healthy individuals.

Side effects aside, does it work? Research has been conducted on each of the formula’s ingredients to study their effects on weight loss. Bitter orange peel, caffeine and caffeinated oolong tea and green tea all elevate heart rate and function as fat burners. They may help to improve mental alertness as well as increase metabolic rate and improve fat burning when combined with exercise. As for capsicum, it acts as a thermogenic, which can raise the body’s temperature and accelerate metabolic processes, while Bioperine can help the body to better absorb the nutrients of the other ingredients. Finally, vitamin b12 is also thought to be an energy booster.

It is highly likely that taking FenBurn will increase mental alertness and help you feel energized, but it’s important to point out that it is possible to burn fat without losing weight. An ingredient that is proven as a fat burner doesn’t mean that it has been proven to cause weight loss. In other words, there is no solid clinical evidence that taking this diet pill will lead to or cause you to lose weight effectively or safely.

At the time that this review was written, a one month supply of FenBurn cost £29.95 ($43.00). For best results, this diet pill should be taken in combination with a sensible diet and exercise. Prior to taking FenBurn, you would be wise to consult with your healthcare provider.

Phentagen Phenermine

Phentagen, also referred to as Phentagen Phenermine, is an over-the-counter (OTC) diet pill manufactured by Clementine Health. The claim is that it is a potent dietary supplement that contains “3 designer extracts” and other nutrients. It supposedly works by suppressing the appetite, increasing the conversion of food to energy rather than fat, and enhancinng mood as well as feelings of wellbeing.

Another claim is that Phentagen directly affects hormones by boosting the activity of the C-A-R-T hormone, which supposedly boosts metabolism and regulates hunger. It is also said to decrease the activity of the stress hormone NP-Y, which has been linked to obesity.

Although the product has been created as an OTC alternative to prescription diet drugs like Phentermine, it is unlikely to provide users with the same appetite suppressant results as the prescription medication it is attempting to emulate.

That being said, its formula contains Infinity DiCaffeine Malate, Chocamine, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Bioperine. Here’s how some research suggests that these ingredients may be beneficial to those seeking to lose weight:

Infinity DiCaffeine Malate is a proprietary blend containing caffeine and malic acid and is said to promote mental focus and stimulate thermogenesis. Green Tea is thought to enhance metabolism. Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) contains synephrine, a stimulant that is believed to be a thermogenic and improves the effects of caffeine. Bioperine can boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Chocamine is also a proprietary blend composed of theobromine and it is said to be less potent than caffeine but also increases energy.

Although there is sufficient evidence to prove that caffeine can boost alertness and improve exercise performance, increasing fat burning potential, there is not enough scientific fact to prove that caffeine or any of the other ingredients in the Phentagen formula will effectively lead to fat loss that results in weight reduction.

Users are instructed to take two tablets per day with a glass of water and not to exceed this dosage. However, they are not directed as to when it would be best to take these pills, how to take them, or if they should be taken together or separately. Since Phentagen does contain caffeine and other stimulants, it would be prudent to avoid taking these pills late in the afternoon to prevent sleep disturbances or insomnia.

In addition to the risk of caffeine-related side effects including sleeplessness, jitters, rapid heartbeat, headache, etc., this supplement also contains synephrine, a stimulant that boosts both the good and bad effects of caffeine. Combining these two ingredients could lead to serious cardiovascular side effects, even in healthy individuals, such as increased blood pressure, fainting, stroke and heart attack.

When this review was written, there was no official product page for Phentagen Phenermine. Though it could be found for sale online at eBay for £29.95 ($42.00), even Amazon no longer carried it. This is likely an indication that the product has been discontinued.

Due to the fact that Phentagen is not easy to obtain, the fact that there is a lack of evidence that this supplement effectively works as a weight loss aid, and due to the potential risks associated with it, you are likely to find better OTC weight loss phentermine alternatives on the market. Talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals and your options. It is unwise to take any diet pill without first consulting with your healthcare provider.

Phenadrine Thermo Cut

Phenadrine Thermo Cut comes from Biogen. It is an OTC thermogenic fat burner that boosts energy, increases alertness and also helps to reduce hunger. According to the official product page for this weight management aid, Thermo Cut has “been enhanced with the latest in effective ‘fat burning’ herbs, as well as key nutrients to improve absorption and efficacy of these ingredients.”

The ingredients in Phenadrine Thermo Cut include: Coleus Forskholi, Naringin, Green Tea, Caffeine, Yerba Mate Leaf, L-Tyrosine, Nicotinamide, Gymnema Sylvestre extract, Bacopa Monniera Ext, Evodia Rutaecarpa 10%, Theobromine, Barberry Bark Ext 60%, Curcuma Longa, Bioperine, Caralluma Fimbriata.

There are three major troubling aspects about these ingredients. The first is that there is more than one stimulant (ex. green tea, caffeine, yerba mate leaf, and theobromine), which increases the risk of unwanted stimulant-related side effects like sleeplessness, anxiety, jitters, heart palpitations, moods swings, headache, etc. The second issue is that there are 15 ingredients. With so many ingredients, it is unlikely that there are enough quantities of each to provide any significant benefit. Finally, while they have been clinically studied, there is no solid evidence that any of these ingredients can help a person actually lose weight.

Users are instructed to start by taking 1 to 2 capsules twice per day. Over time, as users assess their tolerance, they can take up to 4 capsules, two or three times daily. It is recommended that users take the pills 30 – 40 minutes before breakfast or a morning workout, 30 – 40 minutes before lunch, and 30-40 minutes before a mid-afternoon meal or workout. Users are cautioned not to take the pills after 4 pm to prevent sleep disruption. To achieve maximum results, the manufacturer recommends that Thermo Cut should be taken for 5 consecutive days and stopped for 2 before continuing the same process.

Due to the dosage suggestion, it seems likely that even if dieters do not take this pill after 4 pm, they are still likely to encourage unwanted stimulant-relates side effects due to the number of stimulants in the formula. Furthermore, taking up to 4 capsules two to three times daily is quite the high dose of stimulants.

At the time this review was written, Phenadrine Thermo Cut was only available for sale in South Africa. That being said, if this pill interests you and you find a way to obtain it, be sure to first consult with your medical practitioner prior to purchasing it to make sure it is the right weight loss aid for you.