Phenadrine Xtreme

Another Phentermine alternative diet pill from Biogen, Phenadrine Xtreme is a non-prescription diet pill that supposedly helps weight loss seekers to control their appetite, obtain long-lasting energy and thermogenesis. According to the information on the official product page, Phenadrine Xtreme’s formulation was created based on the “latest scientific research”.

The ingredients that make up the Phenadrine Xtreme formula include Green Coffee Bean extract (200mg), Natural Caffeine (200mg), Capsaicin (15mg), Chromium Polynicotinate (200µg), Hoodia Gordonii (400mg) and the Hardcore-Xtreme TM Blend [Yerba Mate, Octopamine HCl, Citrus Aurantium, N-acetyl-L-carnitine (680mg)]. One serving size is equal to 3 capsules.

The above list reveals that this product contains several ingredients and it is nice to see that the manufacturer has provided how much of each ingredient is in one serving (with the exception of the Hardcore-Xtreme TM Blend), which gives users an idea of just how much of each substance they are ingesting.

It also reveals that the formula contains many ingredients that are well known in the weight loss industry, such as green coffee bean, caffeine, chromium, hoodia, yerba mate, and citrus aurantium (bitter orange). Unfortunately, what is true about many of these well known ingredients is that they are not clinically proven to be safe or effective for weight loss.

Take Hoodia, for example, this herb, which has been touted for centuries as an appetite suppressant, has never been clinically proven to successfully have this effect on those who take it.

Furthermore, while it does contain stimulant ingredients that act as thermogenics and have been proven to boost mental focus, energy, and even improve fat burning when combined with exercise (ex. caffeine), Phenadrine Xtreme contains many stimulants. This may be more of a hindrance than a help. The reason is that stimulants like caffeine – which is also in the ingredients yerba mate and green coffee bean – can cause unwanted side effects like insomnia, fast heart rate, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headache, jitters, etc. The more stimulants there are, the higher the risk of side effects occurring.

It should also be pointed out that citrus aurantium contains the stimulant synephrine, which enhances the effects of caffeine. This includes both its good effects and the bad ones. The FDA has cautioned that combining these two ingredients can be a dangerous combination, even for healthy individuals, with the potential to cause side effects like increased blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Overall, Phenadrine Xtreme appears to be a fat burner that is likely to give you an energy boost. If you are interested in trying this product, remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Consult with your healthcare provider.


Want to blast away fat, boost energy, stimulate your metabolism and suppress your appetite? According to the manufacturers of FenBurn, this thermogenic super-strength fat burner does it all. The secret to its effectiveness is apparently in its ingredients, which are 100% natural and include a mixture of anti-oxidants, essential minerals and vitamins and stimulants. Supposedly, taking FenBurn will help you to reach your weight loss goals by enhancing your focus, intensifying your workouts, suppressing hunger, continually breaking down stored fat and preserving muscle mass.

As impressive as that sounds, you can really only judge a diet pill – even one designed as an alternative to popular prescription diet drugs like Phentermine – by its active ingredients. In the case of FenBurn these include: Bitter Orange Peel, Caffeine, Green Tea Extracts, Oolong Tea Extracts, Bioperine, Capsaicin, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B12.

Unfortunately, with one look at these ingredients, not only is it clear that FenBurn doesn’t have a unique or impressive formula, but it also contains multiple stimulants, two of which have the potential to produce dangerous health effects when combined.

The major concern with diet pills that have multiple stimulants is that the risk of experiencing certain unpleasant side effects such as sleeplessness, jitters, restlessness, headache, digestive upset, anxiety, rapid heartbeat etc. is higher. Furthermore, in the case of FenBurn, combining caffeine with synephrine (the natural occurring stimulant in bitter orange peel) can spell disaster. The reason is that synephrine enhances the effects of caffeine – both its good and bad effects – which the FDA warns can lead to dangerous cardiovascular effects like high blood pressure, fainting, stroke and heart attack, even in healthy individuals.

Side effects aside, does it work? Research has been conducted on each of the formula’s ingredients to study their effects on weight loss. Bitter orange peel, caffeine and caffeinated oolong tea and green tea all elevate heart rate and function as fat burners. They may help to improve mental alertness as well as increase metabolic rate and improve fat burning when combined with exercise. As for capsicum, it acts as a thermogenic, which can raise the body’s temperature and accelerate metabolic processes, while Bioperine can help the body to better absorb the nutrients of the other ingredients. Finally, vitamin b12 is also thought to be an energy booster.

It is highly likely that taking FenBurn will increase mental alertness and help you feel energized, but it’s important to point out that it is possible to burn fat without losing weight. An ingredient that is proven as a fat burner doesn’t mean that it has been proven to cause weight loss. In other words, there is no solid clinical evidence that taking this diet pill will lead to or cause you to lose weight effectively or safely.

At the time that this review was written, a one month supply of FenBurn cost £29.95 ($43.00). For best results, this diet pill should be taken in combination with a sensible diet and exercise. Prior to taking FenBurn, you would be wise to consult with your healthcare provider.