T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX: Extreme Fat Burner

T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX: Extreme Fat Burner is a non-prescription weight loss pill from Optimum-FX. It has been designed as a thermogenic formula to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. It is said to be a fast-acting diet pill that can help aid in the reduction of belly fat and provides users with the energy to be more active. This fat burner is claimed to be so strong that it will even help you burn more calories when you are at rest.

At the time this review was written, an official product page for T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX: Extreme Fat Burner did not exist, but it was still sold online. A single bottle containing 60 capsules sold for £29.99 ($45.00).

The T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX formula contains the following ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Caffeine Anhydrous Extract, Citrus Aurantium Whole Fruit, and L-Tyrosine.

Every single one of these ingredients has been clinically researched. Some research suggests that these ingredients may be beneficial for aiding in weight loss. For instance, Alpha lipoic acid may potentially reduce blood sugar levels. Caffeine anhydrous could boost metabolism and the body’s fat oxidation rate. Citrus aurantium (better known as bitter orange) may boost resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure. L-Tyrosine could enhance energy levels and even cause appetite suppression.

Unfortunately, the research that has been conducted on these ingredients has not provided sufficient evidence that proves that any of these ingredients are safe or effective for weight loss. Essentially, there is no proof that this product will help you to lose weight fast or at all.

Furthermore, the T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX formula has more than one stimulant. In addition to caffeine, it also contains synephrine, which is a naturally occurring stimulant in citrus aurantium. While having multiple stimulants does increase the risk of side effects, such as insomnia, jitters, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, etc., the combination of caffeine and synephrine also increases other more serious risks. This is because Synephrine enhances the effects of caffeine. As a result, the combination of these two ingredients can increase the risk of fainting, increased blood pressure, stroke and heart attack, according to a warning from the FDA.

For first time users of T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX, the suggested dose is to take 1 capsule 20 minutes before breakfast with a glass of water. Once users have assessed their tolerance, they can continue to take only 1 capsule per day, or they can up their dose to a maximum of two capsules per day and take the second capsule 20 minutes before lunch (also with water) or in the early afternoon. To avoid sleeping difficulties, users are warned not to take a pill any later than 8 hours before bed.

It would be prudent to first speak with your medical practitioner before taking T5 Turbo – Phentramine-RX.