PhenKetones 375

PhenKetones 375 is a non-prescription alternative to the weight loss drug Phentermine and comes from Phen 375 Ltd, the same company that manufactures PhenOriginal 375 and PhenFire 375. Designed to be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine, PhenKetones 375 has been specially formulated with super fruit and detox ingredients to provide fat burning and to detox the body. It is also free of stimulants.

According to the official website for PhenKetones 375, the product contains the following ingredients: Raspberry Ketones, Acai Berry, Garcina Cambogia, African Mango, CLA, and Vitamin B Complex. Each of these ingredients has been scientifically studied. Furthermore, these ingredients are frequently used in many OTC dietary supplements created for weight loss.

The site does provide brief information about the ingredients that have been selected for PhenKetones 375, providing users with details about how each of these ingredients may help them to lose weight.

For instance, raspberry ketones is believed to burn fat fast and enhance metabolism, Acai berry is said to be a fat burner that can naturally boost metabolism and digestion. Garcina Cambogia has apparently shown in certain studies that those who take it lose more weight than those who do not. African Magno is supposed to benefit fat burning, weight loss, and improve LDL cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

However, as detailed as the PhenKetones 375 site is with the information it provides about each ingredient, the reality is that in spite of all the claims that are made about these substances being fantastic for weight loss, none of them have ever been clinically proven effective.

One plus is that PhenKetones 375 does not contain stimulants. Therefore, there is no risk of unpleasant stimulant-related side effects like insomnia, jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc. That being said, simply because a product is stimulant-free, this doesn’t make it safe. Every supplement, no matter how “natural” its ingredients, isn’t without side effects.

According to the official site, the pills begin working 30 minutes after they are taken. However, the site doesn’t provide a recommended dosage or any other information in regard to how to most effectively use the pills or how many to take in a day, which is both surprising and questionable. It is strongly recommended that prior to taking PhenKetones 375, that you first consult with your healthcare provider.

When this reviews was written, one bottle of PhenKetones 375 (30 tablets) cost £39.99 ($62.00).