Phenadrine Thermo Cut

Phenadrine Thermo Cut comes from Biogen. It is an OTC thermogenic fat burner that boosts energy, increases alertness and also helps to reduce hunger. According to the official product page for this weight management aid, Thermo Cut has “been enhanced with the latest in effective ‘fat burning’ herbs, as well as key nutrients to improve absorption and efficacy of these ingredients.”

The ingredients in Phenadrine Thermo Cut include: Coleus Forskholi, Naringin, Green Tea, Caffeine, Yerba Mate Leaf, L-Tyrosine, Nicotinamide, Gymnema Sylvestre extract, Bacopa Monniera Ext, Evodia Rutaecarpa 10%, Theobromine, Barberry Bark Ext 60%, Curcuma Longa, Bioperine, Caralluma Fimbriata.

There are three major troubling aspects about these ingredients. The first is that there is more than one stimulant (ex. green tea, caffeine, yerba mate leaf, and theobromine), which increases the risk of unwanted stimulant-related side effects like sleeplessness, anxiety, jitters, heart palpitations, moods swings, headache, etc. The second issue is that there are 15 ingredients. With so many ingredients, it is unlikely that there are enough quantities of each to provide any significant benefit. Finally, while they have been clinically studied, there is no solid evidence that any of these ingredients can help a person actually lose weight.

Users are instructed to start by taking 1 to 2 capsules twice per day. Over time, as users assess their tolerance, they can take up to 4 capsules, two or three times daily. It is recommended that users take the pills 30 – 40 minutes before breakfast or a morning workout, 30 – 40 minutes before lunch, and 30-40 minutes before a mid-afternoon meal or workout. Users are cautioned not to take the pills after 4 pm to prevent sleep disruption. To achieve maximum results, the manufacturer recommends that Thermo Cut should be taken for 5 consecutive days and stopped for 2 before continuing the same process.

Due to the dosage suggestion, it seems likely that even if dieters do not take this pill after 4 pm, they are still likely to encourage unwanted stimulant-relates side effects due to the number of stimulants in the formula. Furthermore, taking up to 4 capsules two to three times daily is quite the high dose of stimulants.

At the time this review was written, Phenadrine Thermo Cut was only available for sale in South Africa. That being said, if this pill interests you and you find a way to obtain it, be sure to first consult with your medical practitioner prior to purchasing it to make sure it is the right weight loss aid for you.


FedraBlaze is a non-prescription fat burner. Claimed to be a fast-acting thermogenic fat burner and intense metabolizer, this dietary supplement supposedly works to provide long-lasting energy, decreases appetite, burns excess body fat, enhances mental focus, and amplifies metabolism.

At the time this review was written, FedraBlaze was primarily sold on Amazon. There was no official product website for this diet pill. 60 liquid capsules cost $38.95.

According to the directions, users are instructed to take 1 capsule with 8-10 ounces of water, two times daily. On training days, users can double the dose and take up to 4 capsules a day. That being said, users are cautioned never to take more than 2 capsules in a four hour period and are not to take more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period. Furthermore, while they are not provided with any specific time in which to take the pills, they are instructed not to take them within four hours of bedtime.

FedraBlaze contains many ingredients. The formula is divided into three separate blends including:

Energy Blend – Caffeine Anhydrous 99%, Xanthinol Nicotinate, Codonopsis Pilosula Extract. This blend apparently combines several energy boosting substances that dramatically amplify energy to make a user feel more physically active and mentally alert.

Heat Blend – Green Tea Leaf Extract, White Tea PE 50% Polyphenols, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Evodia rutaecarpa PE, Black Pepper PE 95%. This blend is supposedly specially formulated to burn a lot of fat by boosting metabolism. Fat is broken down by the compounds of this thermogenic blend, which is supposed to help get rid of unwanted body fat, fast.

Muscle Blend – Deanol Acetamidobenzoate (DMAE), Troxerutin, Cnidium Monnieri, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco PE 0.3% Alkaloids, Inula Racemosa PE, White Willow Bark PE 25% Salicin, Yohimbe PE 8% Yohimbine HCl. The claim for this final blend is that it improves insulin sensitivity. The body stores less fat when less insulin is secreted after eating. This blend is said to assist users in becoming lean, toned, and helps to build muscle.

FedraBlaze sounds pretty impressive, but it is more talk than it is action. Like so many other diet pill products on the OTC weight loss market, this diet pill has not been clinically proven to effectively help with weight loss, nor has any of its ingredients.

What’s more, this product contains far too many ingredients for there to be enough quantities of each one of these ingredients to be effective at doing much of anything. That being said, however, there are enough stimulants in this product that the chances of experiencing stimulant-related side effects, such as insomnia, jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, headache, upset stomach, etc., are significant. This is especially true for anyone who ingests caffeinated foods or beverages while taking this weight loss supplement or anyone who has sensitivities to stimulants.

Drinking sufficient water is also important while taking FedraBlaze because it is a thermogenic. This means it contains ingredients that can raise the temperature of your body, which can increase the risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Prior to taking FedraBalze, you would be wise to speak with your medical practitioner.