Slimple Appetite Suppressant

Slimple Appetite Suppressant is a diet pill that has been developed to offer those who take it weight control, increased metabolism and energy maintenance. It is created by an American-based company and is part of the “Slimple Trinity Diet,” which features two other dietary supplements: “Slimple Daily Cleanse” and “Slimple Diet Spray.”

Slimple Appetite Suppressant Benefits

As is common with most weight management aids designed for the over-the-counter (OTC) diet pill market, the manufacturer of this supplement claims that this product offers dieters will a variety of benefits. Among these include:

  • Hunger Control – The Slimple Appetite Suppression formula includes a variety of ingredients that are supposedly known for their appetite suppressing properties and their ability to leave a person with a sense of fullness.
  • Combats fatigue – Low energy is one of the top struggles among those who wish to lose weight. This diet pill’s key ingredient is Decocainized Cocoa Leaf Extract. Cocoa leaf is a stimulant and can help a person power through their day.
  • Stress relief – This nonprescription diet pill contains an ingredient known as Chuchuhuasi, which is believed to support the adrenal system, helping to lower cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. When you are less stressed, you are more likely to make better dietary choices and/or stick to your healthy diet plan.
  • Boost exercise drive – When you’re not feeling fatigued and stressed, you’re naturally more motivated to get up and move.  

Slimple’s key ingredients

When this Slimple Appetite Suppressant review was written, the official site for the product claimed that “Slimple gives you real results that you can see and feel without the risk.” The risk that is being implied here is the risk of unpleasant side effects associated with prescription diet drugs, such as phentermine. With statements such as these, it seems that the manufacturer of this product is attempting to market this dietary supplement as a phentermine alternative.

That being said, the key Slimple Appetite Suppressant ingredients include:

  • Annatto Leaf Powder
  • Decocainized Cocoa Leaf Extract,
  • Maca Root,
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids,
  • Guggul (gum extract),
  • Green Tea,
  • Lotus Leaf Extract,
  • Cassia Nomame

None of these ingredients have been proven effective or safe for weight loss. Even Decocainized Cocoa Leaf Extract, which is exclusive to Slimple, has never been proven in any way to suppress appetite or boost energy to a degree that leads to long-term weight loss.

While it is likely that a person will feel less fatigue taking this product, due to the fact that it does contain this and other stimulants, there is no guarantee that it will curb appetite or help in any other meaningful way for fighting fat.

Still, should you wish to try it, when this review was written, a single bottle could be purchased on the official Slimple product page for $29.95.

Prior to taking Slimple Appetite Suppressant it would be in your best interest to first consult with your healthcare provider.