Havasu Nutrition Premium Fat Burner

Havasu Nutrition Premium Fat Burner is just one of the many OTC fat burners available for dieters looking for support with their weight loss efforts. This particular product developed by Havasu Nutrition is marketed as an extra strength formula that appears to provide three specific benefits:

  • Fat burning
  • Appetite suppression
  • Carb blocking

While each of these benefits have the potential to be advantageous for today’s average dieter, if this diet pill is like many other nonprescription fat burners for weight management, there is a very slim chance it will deliver on these benefits in any meaningful way.

Havasu Nutrition Premium Fat Burner Formula

Checking out the Havasu Nutrition Premium Fat Burner ingredients is the only way to know for certain if his product is as good as the manufacturer claims it to be. According to the supplement facts label, the ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B5
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • White Kidney Bean
  • CLA Complex
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Coral Calcium

According to Havasu Nutrition, the Premium Fat Burner formula features five clinically researched ingredients that have shown to help support healthy metabolism, manage appetite and so on. While the manufacturer doesn’t specifically state what these ingredients are, it has drawn specific attention to garcinia cambogia, green tea, CLA, apple cider vinegar and white kidney bean, so one can only assume these are the five ingredients to which they are referring.

Clinically Researched but Not Clinically Proven

Some believe that green tea can boost metabolism, white kidney bean can block carbs, garcinia cambogia can aid with appetite suppression and blocking fat, CLA may help reduce fat, and apple cider vinegar may help to suppress appetite and aid in digestion.

Each of these ingredients has been clinically researched, but none have been proven effective for weight loss. The only ingredient out of all of them that has shown some promise is green tea. However, in spite of some studies showing an increase in fat oxidation at rest and during exercise, results regarding green tea and weight loss have not been consistent. Furthermore, there is not a sufficient amount of green tea in Havasu Nutrition Premium Fat Burner to produce these benefits.

There is no guarantee that taking this diet pill will provide you with any real fat burning, carb blocking or appetite suppression. If you do decide to take it, be sure to do so as directed. The suggested use is to take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider. Also remember that for optimal weight loss, following a healthy calorie-conscious diet and fitness-appropriate exercise is important.

When this Havasu Nutrition Premium Fat Burner review was created, a single bottle containing 60 capsules (a one-month supply) could be purchased for $18.75 on Amazon.